Zapper's recommendations
issued by Dr Clark, on
several of her books :
Here are the more popular :
1_  TCFAD-pp15 : "Any positively
offset frequency (DC) kills all
bacteria, viruses and parasites
2_  TCFAD pp15 : "It takes three
treatments to kill everything"
3_  TCFAD pp15 : "... frequency
(anything from 10Hz to 500
4_  TCFAD pp15 : "... giving
sufficient voltage 5 to 10V)" 
5_  TCFAD pp28 : Current limited to
3.5mA by a 1kOhm internal resistor
(R3) : "Calculate current by
dividing voltage by resistance :
3.5V divided by 1kOhm is
6_  TCFHIV&AIDS pp515 : On
modified schematic, R5 (39kOhm)
makes the 0.25 Offset, to be sure
rule_1 is always respected.

and some others, less known
7_  TCFAD-pp22 : On part list : "2
copper pipes, 3/4 Diameter, 4"
8_  TCFHIV&AIDS pp71 : "... This is
why I recommend eight hours of
zapping daily  until you are well"
9_  TCFHIV&AIDS pp77 : Plate
zapping : ...  To do this superb job
the battery must not run down
below 9.0 before the job (plate
zapping) is done
10_ TCFHIV&AIDS pp144 :
"Zapping with copper pipes under
your feet is more effective since
the skin is more conductive here. 
It is less saturated with PCBs. 
Pressure from the feet keeps the
current going to your internal
organs, not merely through the
skin.  Placing feet on flat surfaces
is less effective."
11_ TCFHIV&AIDS pp150 : "3_  Do
not use a wall outlet as power
source."  Should this be stated by
Dr Clark, to be trusted, or simple
good sense is not enough?!

explanations/recommendations on
her first book, TCFAC (The Cure For
All Cancers - 1993)
TCFAD : The Cure For All Diseases
And AIDS (1993) Detailed
explanations on plate zapping,
homeography and zappicator on
this book
Bench Test
The Original Zapper of Dr Hulda Clark

= Pieces of PCBs  used in this

= Original Diagram with values
(R3 added)            

= PCB’s Assembly, mounted in a
plastic case

= Top face view                                                      

Mechanical description :
Enclosure : 2.6"x3.7" x 1.1" (66mm x 95mm x 29mm)
Wire length : 42" (including tubes)
Type of electrodes : copper tubes 7/8" Dia, 4.5" Long.
PCB’s assembly : conventional components.
Oscillator NE555N (bipolar kind)
Miscellaneous comments: Relatively easy to assemble.

Electrical Characteristics :
Battery Type: 9V Alkaline recommended
Consumption : without load / with load: 11.5mA / 12.6mA
Miscellaneous comments: This circuit is not protected against battery connection errors.
It is highly recommended to always turn off the zapper before changing the battery.

Electronic Characteristics :
Frequency : 32.47kHz
Duty cycle : 55.8%
Rise time : 120ns
Output Current under load : max / average : 4.0mA / 1.4mA

Waveform without load : Fig#1
FFT with load: Fig#2
Output Voltage / Current under load: Fig#3 & 4
Miscellaneous comments:
These measures were taken on a zapper built as per Dr Clark schematic and results will serve as reference for all
other zappers.  Note the little difference between Fig#5 (real load) and Fig#6 (Dummy Load#1)
Original zapper of Dr Clark
Output not connected, showing the voltage waveform
(green), the voltage supply (8V), the Offset (0.25V)
and (no) current (Yellow waveform)
6.56Vp, Offset=0.25V
Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) view showing the energy
of the main frequency (32 kHz, and harmonics.
=  Each -10dB means a signal 10 times weaker.
=  -40dB means 10 000 times smaller signal.
=  Notice the 4th and 6th harmonic (odds) (130k,
194kHz), due to a waveform not so square and not
exactly 50/50. This is the "real" world, not theory.
Copper tubes wrapped with 2 layers of paper towel,
moistened with saturated salty water.
This waveform (green) is almost half size of the
waveform without load (Fig#1).
3.0Vcac; 2.88Vm; 5.46mAcac; 1.40mAm
Here, I used a paper towel wet with salty water, as an
electrode (no copper tubes)
If the paper remains moist, it can be used as an
emergency’s electrode, when the tubes are not
The rise time - 120 nanoseconds in this instance -
provides an overview of the maximum frequency that
harmonics can achieve : 2.9MHz for this measure.
Dummy Load waveform
3.2Vcac; 2.9Vm; 4.4mAcac; 1.40mAm

Comments on results :
The zapper on its original version, has been praised by their users for now more than 15 years.
Its characteristics can be used to compare all other zappers, giving it a rate of 1.00

Fig # 1: Output voltage without load : In this type of 555, the output provides a maximum of 6.56V out of 8V of
power supply. With a new battery (9.5V), we can expect an output of approximately 8V.  The offset is 0.25V.
Note the peak voltage during the voltage rise, typical to a 555 using bipolar transistors.

Fig # 2: Fast Fourier Transform: The peaks meaning “harmonics”, are strong and well spaced. The 4th and 6th
harmonic (pairs) are visible here. The 7th is very low.
Each zapper can have a different “signature” in the "real world", and show some surprises, when compared to

Fig # 3: Under load, the voltage is about half the voltage without load, implying that the internal resistance of the
zapper (1000_Ohms) is similar to the overall internal resistance of the load, in these conditions.
= A note: The offset has increased from 0.25V without load, to around 1.4V under load (normal)
= Note that the current under the line of 0mA, means that the zapper receives current from the load. This is due to
the capacitive effect of the skin, which accumulates electrical charges, and give them back when output voltage of
the zappers becomes lower than the load.
This feature might bring some surprises, as the low average current (1.4mA)

Fig # 4: Under dummy load: While not perfect (in this case), our dummy load gives results quite similar to those
observed on Fig # 3.

Fig # 5: Rise Time : Zappers using frequencies as MOR becoming increasingly popular, this figure will also become
important. There is a relationship between rise time and the expected maximum frequency of highest harmonics:
FreqMax = 0.35/Rise time.
Questions to investigate :
1_ Does this maximum frequency has enough energy to be effective?
2_ Parasites have a high frequency band of 880kHz, according to Dr Clark’s research.  Humans have a frequency
band of 1500kHz to 9400kHz. We should hit parasites, not humans…
As often stated, bigger (faster rise time) is not always better.

Fig # 6: Here, we used an entire sheet of paper towel, well soaked in salty water, instead of the traditional
copper pipes. The result is surprisingly effective, as long as paper is wet.
It will be interesting to compare other electrodes as:
= The famous "hand’s free" wrist bands
= The mini-electrodes as those used in the Terminator of Mr Don Croft
The conductive pads, CEG style
= Foot plates.
= And some other electrodes ...
More to come...

Bench Test Main Page :

Certain Internet sites associate zapper and serious illness.
It is not our role to make such assertions. 

Illness does not interest us.

We leave it to the experts of the unhealthy states.
We are only interested to feel better, which is highly subjective, and to get rid of as much “invaders” who drain our resources, as possible.

These invaders, who live at our expense, we name them under the generic name of “parasites”.

We experience the influence of the zapper effect
on these parasites, on a hypothetical and empirical basis, which have nothing to do with medical or scientific rules.
Legal disclaimer :
We do not prescribe, diagnose, or make any medical claim or advices.

The principles, assumptions or theories exposed here have no medical or scientific value officially recognized.
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